Prolotherapy Treatment
(for Pain)

Prolotherapy is a natural breakthrough for chronic pain. Our doctors have 15 years of successful experience treating many conditions with Prolotherapy. If you are experiencing chronic pain, schedule an appointment today to see how Prolotherapy can help you.

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What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a natural non-surgical method of assisting the body to heal injured tendons and ligaments. "Prolo" stands for "proliferation", which means the rapid growth of new, healthy cells or tissues.

What is Prolotherapy

How Does It Work?

Prolotherapy helps your body make new cells, which strengthen lax or torn tendons and ligaments. Prolotherapy jump-starts the immune system to flood the exact injured area with nutrients and repair cells. This causes the rapid growth of new healthy tissue and strengthens the damaged tendons and ligaments!

How does Prolotherapy work

Prolotherapy Conditions Treated

Conditions treated with Prolotherapy

Many conditions can be successfully treated with Prolotherapy. The more common ones are back pain, ankle pain/injuries, knee pain, foot pain. But Prolotherapy also treats many other areas as well.

Conditions treated with prolotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to get answers to frequently asked questions including is Prolotherapy safe, and how quickly does it work.

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Success Stories

Click here to see success stories from people who have been helped with Prolotherapy including professional athletes and dancers.

Prolotherapy Success Stories

Meet Our Doctors

Our doctors have years of experience using this cutting edge therapy. Click here to read about Dr's Shields, Wortham, Brunton, and Nurse Practitioner Elizabeth Bartlett.

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